If you already bank online with NetTeller, you know how fast and easy it is to access your accounts anywhere you have a computer with Internet access. Now you can have even more flexibility: With Mobile Banking, your accounts are as close as your mobile phone!

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What's the difference between Online Banking (NetTeller) and Mobile Banking?

With NetTeller, First Security Bank's online banking service, you can access your accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. You'll have a complete range of capabilities with your NetTeller account-including Mobile Banking. To use Mobile Banking, you'll need to set up a NetTeller account.
NetTeller is your online banking account. Using the Internet and a computer, it allows you to access your accounts and make a full range of transactions. You'll need to set up a NetTeller account to take advantage of services like Mobile Banking, text alerts, and e-Statements.

Mobile Banking lets you access your accounts and certain transaction functions with your mobile device or phone. You need a NetTeller account to sign up for Mobile Banking.

How do I enroll in mobile banking?

Once you have your NetTeller account, you can enroll by doing either of the following:

1) Log in to your NetTeller account; select the Options Tab, then select the Mobile Settings tab. (There will be two tabs under Mobile Settings: Mobile Web [full mobile banking capabilities] and Mobile Text [text-only capabilities.] Enable one or both of these functions based on your mobile device, service plan, and individual needs.)


2) Download the mobile banking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or access m.fsbmsla.com from your mobile browser, and log in with your current user ID and password.

What banking functions can I perform using my mobile device?

With mobile banking, you can:
  • View your transaction history
  • View your account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills to existing payees in your NetTeller Bill-Pay account
  • View alerts concerning your account(s)
  • Using texts, you can request your transaction history or current balance(s) Remember: When you sign up for mobile banking, text alerts will be sent to the phone number you enter when you enroll-even though you can access your accounts using another device.
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Are there restrictions on the types of mobile phones that may be used to access accounts?

Our Mobile Banking application works with any web-enabled mobile phone whose network allows secure SSL traffic. Contact your phone service provider if you're not sure about your device or service plan.

How do I know if my transfer or bill payment was entered successfully?

If you have opted to receive text alerts, each time you make a transfer or bill payment, a confirmation SMS text message will be sent to your mobile device. If you don't receive a confirmation text message, you will want to make sure the transaction went through using your NetTeller account. If you're set up to receive text message alerts to your account, and are not receiving confirmation messages, contact your mobile carrier to ensure these types of text messages are not blocked on your phone.

What happens if I lose the signal or call while making a transaction?

When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (e.g., a bill payment or funds transfer), you should receive an SMS text message alert confirming the successful transaction. If you lost your signal or the call was dropped during your transaction, and you didn't receive a confirmation message, you should log on to NetTeller via the Internet to check your accounts and re-submit any transactions that did not process.

What happens if I lose my mobile device?

Your information is secure. Your account data is not stored on your phone or mobile device, so it cannot be stolen just by someone having the device. When you replace your phone, simply edit your mobile settings in your NetTeller account, making any necessary changes to your settings for wireless service provider or phone number.

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What do I need to do if I get a new phone?

If you simply get a new phone, but keep the same number and provider, no changes are necessary. If you switch providers or phone numbers, you will need to log-in to your NetTeller account and update your information on the Options > Mobile Settings page.


*You will not receive SMS text messages regarding mobile banking transactions if your phone number is not updated or correct.

Can I add a new payee using my mobile device, or do I have to do that using NetTeller?

Log on to your NetTeller account to add new payees. Then you can make payments to those established payees using the mobile application. You are only able to add new payees using NetTeller. To add a new payee, log-in to NetTeller, select Bill Payment, and add your new payee. You will then be able to submit payments to that payee via your mobile device.

How do I delete a Bill Payment I sent using my mobile phone?

You will need to log-in to NetTeller, go to the Bill Payment section and delete the payment there.

What if I no longer want to be a mobile user?

Log in to NetTeller and select Options > Mobile Settings. Deselect Activate Mobile Banking Access, and click Agree.

Why am I not receiving text messages even though I am signed up for Mobile Banking with text alerts?

Your phone service provider or plan may not support this function. First Security Bank's Mobile Banking application works with any web-enabled mobile phone whose network allows secure SSL traffic. Contact your phone service provider if you're not sure about your device or service plan.

How can I search for a transaction?

There is no search feature in the Mobile Banking application. For the full range of services, including searching for specific transactions, you will need to use your NetTeller account.

Each time I log in and attempt to view transactions or pay a bill, I get sent back to the login screen. Why is this happening?

Most likely, you did not log out properly the last time you accessed mobile banking or NetTeller. Always select the Logout or Exit options each time you exit either application, rather than just closing your browser window.

When I try to enter an amount for a bill payment or transfer, I can't enter any numbers, only letters. Why?

Check your phone or mobile device to make sure you haven't enabled alpha-only on the keypad.
(Likewise, if you can only enter numbers, you may have "num-loc" enabled)

Are the cut-off times for sending payments the same in Mobile Banking as they are in NetTeller?

Yes. Bill payments will be processed the same way in Mobile Banking as they are in NetTeller.

What are the commands for Mobile Texting?

Text commands are sent to 89549. The commands are:
Bal=All Account Balance
Bal Acct Name=Single Account Balance ("Acct Name" would be replaced with the mobile short name you set up for your account in NetTeller)
Hist=All Accounts Recent Activity
Hist Acct Name=Single Account Activity

Mobile Banking gives you up-to-the-minute information and access to all your accounts when and wherever you need it. Now deposits, money transfers, and managing your finances are more convenient than ever.